Black cod

Our Fresh Black Cod is farmed in the pristine waters of Kyuquot Sound (Canada). Farmed at low density stocking, using left-overs from the Human food production chain as feed, in a completely chemical free operation, our Black Cod is farmed with a strict focus on minimizing environmental impact. Our black Cod has been awarded with several sustainability certificates and is fully traceable from egg to plate.

Black Cod is favored by the Japanese as a superior Sushi ingredient, due to its firmness, taste and fatty flesh. Black Cod is currently used in many high-end restaurants in the United States, from where it also jumped to the European market. Our Black Cod differentiates itself from other on the European market, by being 100% fresh and 100% environmentally friendly farmed. Open Seas Black Cod may not be missed on any quality Sashimi plate!


Additional information
Commercial name

Farmed fresh Black cod

Latin name

Anoplopoma fimbria



Catching area

Farmed / Aquaculture

Fish Properties



100% Natural Fish

Nutritional Values

Energy: 1046 Kj/ 250 Kcal Protein: 17,0 gram Fat: 20,0 gram Salt: 0,070 gram