Grouper (Strawberry)

Our Strawberry grouper has a spectaculair red colour and is found in the indo-pacific region growing up to 25cm in length. The groupers are solitary carnivores that hunt near the bottom usually at dusk. Food is drawn into their mouths y a powerful suction when the open their overly large mouths and then swallowed whole. The flesh of this grouper is very white and delicate in flavour. Grouper is called in for many cookbook recipes and its characteristics make it desirable to give it a try


Additional information
Commercial name

Grouper (Strawberry)

Latin name

FAO 51, FAO 57, FAO 34


Sri Lanka/Senegal

Catching area

FAO 51, FAO 57, FAO 34

Fish Properties

Whole / G&G / Fillet


100% Fish

Nutritional Values

Energetic value 118 Kcal / 493 KJ – Proteins 24,9 g – Carbohydrate 0 g – Fat 1,29 g


Polystyrene 5kg-10kg-15kg-20kg