Our American scallops originate from the northwest Atlantic where they are dredged from the seabed.

Like their Japanese genus members they live inside a shell contactable by the most delicious part of the scallop, the adductor muscle. Although fairly similar to the Japanese scallop, the American scallop is described by some to have a unique flavor of its own, with its flesh being slightly whiter. Our American scallops are available year round and can also be delivered with a MSC label.


Our Japanese scallops come from the Northwest pacific. Their commercial name is derived from their Latin name, Yesso meaning ‘north of Japan’ in historical Japanese.

This species is mainly found off the north coast of Japan. Like all bivalves, this species lives inside a shell which is contactable by a major muscle. This muscle is considered to be the most delicious part of the scallop. Japanese scallops live in the seabed filtering sea water for edible particles. The Japanese scallop is considered a delicacy by many and should not be missed in any culinary kitchen. Also available with MSC label.


Additional information
Commercial name

USA Scallops / Japanese Scallops

Latin name

Patinopecten magellanicus / Patinopecten yessoensis


Northwest Atlantic / Northwest Pacific

Catching area

FAO 21 / FAO 61

Fish Properties

cleaned without shell, coral removed


scallop meat, water, E450 & E451

Nutritional Values

Energy: 47,2 Kcal, Protein: 9,3 gr / 17,5 gr, Carbohydrates: 0gr, Fat: 0,62gr / 0,5 gr, Salt: 0,4 gr


1 kg plastic bucket, 5 buckets per box