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Red Snapper

Snappers are a family of perciform fish, Lutjanidae, mainly marine but with some members inhabiting estuaries, feeding in freshwater. Some are important food fish. One of the best known is the red snapper.

Red Snapper is one of the most popular of all white fish. In fact snapper is increasingly becoming a generic term for white fish. Red Snapper can be found all over the world with most fish being harvested in the Gulf of Mexico and Indonesia.

Commercial name


Latin name

Lutjanus spp.


Sri Lanka/Senegal

Catching area

FAO 51, FAO 57, FAO 34

Fish Properties

Whole / G&G / Fillet


100% Fish

Nutritional Values

Energetic value 90 Kcal / 318 KJ – Proteins 19,6 g – Carbohydrate 0 g – Fat 1,3 g


Polystyrene 5kg-10kg-15kg-20kg