Yellowfin Tuna

The yellowfin tuna is one of the largest tuna species, reaching weights of over 300 pounds (140 kg).

According to the Hawaii Seafood Buyers Guide, yellowfin tuna is widely used in raw fish dishes, especially sashimi. This fish is also excellent for grilling. Yellowfin is often served seared rare. Yellowfin buyers recognize two grades, “sashimi grade” and “other”, although there are variations in the quality of “other” grades.



Additional information
Commercial name

Yellowfin Tuna

Latin name

Thunnus albacares


Sri Lanka / Maldives / Indonesia / Philippines

Catching area

FAO 51, FAO 57, FAO 71

Fish Properties

Loin 2-5 kg / Whole / G&G


100% Natural Fish

Nutritional Values

Energetic value 102Kcal / 427 KJ – Proteins 23,7 – Carbohydrate 0 – Fat 0,7


Polystyrene 5kg-10kg-15kg-20kg