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Open Seas provides wholesalers, distributors, processors and retailers with a large selection of fresh and refreshed, exotic seafood from all over the world. We have imported fresh fish for more than 25 years now. During these years, we have selected the most exclusive and reliable suppliers. They offer us daily arrivals of high-quality fish, with a sustainable character.

Our team is here to advice you on getting the right products in your store on a daily basis.

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Our story

25 years ago, CEO of the Future Fish group, Koen Vermunt, started Open Seas BV, working alongside a group of people with experience in importing fresh fish into Europe.

Soon, Koen started to see the potential of the seafood business and when Sebastian Bullita joined the company in 2005, Open Seas continued on as a successful, international player in the fresh seafood industry.

Koen and Sebastian, both partners and owners of Open Seas, had a clear mission:

Selecting the most reliable and exclusive suppliers around the world, to provide clients with daily fresh, high-quality fish. Achieving this goal by being proactive, transparent and loyal towards the entire line of business. Creating sustainable relationships with continuous growth. And finally, as the key to the ultimate success: being beneficial for everyone involved.

Our promise

Today, the Open Seas team is still expanding and they continue to believe in the same mission. The Open Seas team is available 24/7 to advice clients on daily fresh fish arrivals and to provide them with products that are required. They are also on hand to offer suggestions of new, exquisite ranges of products.

Open Seas is part of the Future Fish group, created by Koen Vermunt. Throughout the past 25 years in the industry, Koen has always tried to serve clients from various markets. He has done so by not solely offering fresh fish, through Open Seas, but also by offering frozen fish, through sister company Amacore Seafood. This way we are able to serve the entire market, never leaving anyone out.

Our strength

We have selected the most exclusive suppliers, who are able to offer us their daily catch of high-quality fish, with a sustainable character.

Freshness guaranteed

As Open Seas imports large volumes of fresh fish, we can guarantee freshness and a smooth, daily turnover.

Multilingual assistance

One of Open Seas’ biggest strengths is our worldwide success, which has the additional benefit of being able to assist our customers in various languages, making us the ideal partner in the 24/7 international fresh fish industry.

Worldwide orientation

In order to be good at what we do, we travel around the world regularly. This way we can experience the cultural differences firsthand. Due to our own involvement, Open Seas has also gained a better understanding of its products and is more skilled in making sure orders exceed the customer’s expectations.

Loyal logistical partners

Having imported fresh fish daily for over 25 years, we have an efficient and effective, international logistics system in place. Aeroplanes, cooled trucks and cold stores work closely together with Open Seas throughout the entire process, always remaining loyal to our high standards and products.

Real flexibility

As we are busy fresh fish traders, our business is a constantly active. This makes us very flexible to work with, as the fresh fish catch comes in every day and our staff are always happy to assist you and provide you with a larger or smaller quantity, depending on your market demands, optimising your market share.

Sustainable fishing

Open Seas is all about a better world for tomorrow. This is why we are proud founders of Tuna for Life. This way we support a more sustainable world.

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