The perfect combination of worldwide sourcing, logistically connecting, and supplying the freshest seafood on time.

Whatever happens in the world, your demand for the best and freshest seafood must always be met reliably and in accordance with sustainability standards.

We closely work together with our trusted suppliers from all over the world, so you are assured of the best fish available.

With Open Seas, you deal with just one supplier for the best and freshest seafood on demand.

We tailor every order to meet the client’s needs. We deliver in any combination, quality and quantity.

We fight

We are in a tough game that goes on 24/7. To win, we must never sleep, and always play hard but fair.

We fish

Our trusted suppliers from all around the world catch and farm a large range of high-quality fresh fish: wild & exotic, farmed & sustainable.

We love

We all share a great passion for fish, and hugely respect people and the planet.

We box

We tailor every order to meet the client’s needs, in any combination, quality, and quantity.

One supplier for the best and freshest seafood on demand

Every day, we fishbox for our wholesalers, retailers, processors and distributors. That’s a lot of orders! However, our dynamic and devoted team always gets the job done. At Open Seas, we make sure that all orders are perfectly put together and delivered on time. We fishbox for you.

Ready to rumble?

Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you in every step of the ordering process. Feel free to give us a call!

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