Our Dutch selection

To supply our clients with a variety of exotic fresh fish, we used to import fresh fish from all over the world ourselves, for many years. During this time, we got asked numerous times by our clients why we weren’t offering our very own supply of delicious, Dutch fish from the North Sea.


Dutch fish

Having paid close attention to this line of business for years, we learned about the different seasons, the various types of fishing boats, the catching methods and we found the right partners to collaborate with.

The vision behind ’Our Dutch Selection’ was to change course and get the fish from our own place and bring it to you.


North Sea collection

We buy a high-quality selection of fresh fish from the North Sea, which is partially enclosed by Holland Denmark, Norway and Belgium.

The partners we work with, are experts in what they do, just like we are, a brilliant combination, where superior quality is key.

Each day, after the fish has arrived, a selection process takes place where the quality is inspected first, before the fish gets filleted manually and divided into portions, based on order requests.

The fish will be ready for transport on the same day.



Some of the catching methods used are:

  • SumWing
  • Pulskoor
  • Flyshooter
  • Line



A sustainable way of fishing and treating the fish, also preserves its freshness. By-catch is also something we are learning more about, which is exciting for the future as well. The fish from the North Sea makes ‘our Dutch Selection’ successful and we are looking forward to improving and expanding our business further.

We will keep you posted, like we always do. Contact us to learn more about our Dutch selection.